Coming out hot daily!
Monday-Thursday at 4:00 PM.
Friday-Saturday-Sunday at Noon!!

Dine In AND Takeout available.

3LB – $21.95
4LB – $28.95
5LB – $35.95
– includes 1 corn & 2 potatoes

+ Add 1/2 lb shrimp to platter $7.55
+ Sausage link & garlic butter add-on!

Crawfish are still pre-season and can be smaller in size. Once the weather warms the size will get bigger! We promise selects will be here by Easter if the weather cooperates.

Hot Boiled Shrimp

Boiled Daily, Wednesday-Sunday: $16.95 per lb.

Wednesday Night Special:
$15.95 per lb

Served with corn and potatoes

Sammy’s Oyster Night Every Tuesday

Raw Oysters on the Half Shell $1 a piece
6pc – $6
12pc – $12

Jacked up oysters $11.95 -6pc
Jalapeño, cream cheese, bacon and our world famous garlic butter!

PLUS, $3 – 16 oz Aluminum bottled beer stored at 26 degrees. Bud Light, Mich Ultra, Coors Light, Budweiser